September 2015

Flat Top 28 Polycarbonate Transitions VII Lens:

Younger Optics was able to do what no one else has! They have introduced their new Polycarbonate Transitions Signature VII Flat Top 28 Gray lens. Until now, we could only get a FT polycarbonate lens in the Life RX Photochromic. Now you have a choice! If you ask for FT28 Transitions Gray, you will get the new Younger product. If you want to order the Life Rx or would like your patient to stay in the same lens they have had in the past, just let us know.

Keep in mind that this new lens is only available in flat top 28 and gray. For FT35 or 7x28 and/or brown photochromic, we will still be ordering for you the Life Rx

January 2014

Transitions Signature VII
A new trademark Transitions generation is now being introduced to the market. We have been notified that nearly everything that has been available in previous generation will be replaced with the NEW Transitions Signature VII. Added features of the NEW Transitions Signature VII:

  • More clear indoors
  • Significantly darker in outdoor conditions while maintaining indoor clarity
  • More temperature stable
  • More reactive to indirect sunlight
  • Faster to return to clear indoors
  • More aesthetically pleasing in gray & brown

We understand that with this change comes a challenge for all of us to take the best care of our patients. Keep in mind that the new version will not match the previous version for situations youíre your patient wishes to order only one lens. However, it is exciting that the new generationís qualities exceed what we have had in the past!

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