December 2013

Younger Optics Adage Progressive Lens
We have tried it and like it! The Adage Progressive lens by Younger is a comfortable short corridor lens that is easy to adapt to, even for a new PAL wearer. It has a 13mm minimum fitting height with a 160 degree viewing distance area. The wide distance area in this lens is remarkably not at the expense of the intermediate and near zones. As we said, we have tried it! Three of The Lens Dr. employees are wearing this lens every day now and are very happy with it. One of which is a first time PAL wearer after moving from a flat top bifocal. Another said it was “more comfortable than any other progressive lens he can remember trying”. The lens is available in the following materials:

  • Polycarbonate Clear
  • Polycarbonate Transitions Gray & Brown
  • Polycarbonate NuPolar Gray & Brown
  • Trivex Clear
    (Trivex will be available in Transitions in the future. No ETA is available yet.)

October 2013

Carl Zeiss – Gradal Top Lens
We have been notified that the Gradal Top lens from Carl Zeiss will be discontinued as of December 31, 2013. Even though it will still be offered for a short time, the vendor has probably stopped production or will very soon. We will continue to try and order the Gradal Top should you request it. However, we would suggest that any patient you are placing in new lenses be switched to a different lens as of now.

When considering a replacement lens, the GT2 lens from Carl Zeiss is a very nice option. Not only is it available in a number of different materials, but also can be ordered in a short corridor lens called the GT2 Short.

September 2013

Dispensing Guide
A copy of The Indispensable Dispensing Guide published by the OLA is available, through our lab, to all of our active accounts. There is a wealth of information in this guide that is not only a great training tool for your new employees, but also a way for the rest of us to find answers when we need to.

Blue Ice
Our Blue Ice AR Coating was introduced several years back. The color is actually more green because of a quality issue we experienced with a vendor back in 2008. Since then we have had continued success with this coating. If you haven’t ordered Blue Ice for your patients, please give it a try. It is a super-hydrophobic anti-reflective coating with hard coat on both sides. It has a 2 year warranty for normal use scratches, crazing and peeling.

MAY 2011

Varilux has discontinued their Panamic lens in all materials. They suggest the Varilux Physio as a good replacement for your patients. If you need have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

April 2011

Sola has discontinued their VIP 1.5 glass lens in both clear and photogray. A new improved version has been introduced. The old and new products cannot be combined in a pair of eyeglasses.

Advantages of the New VIP glass lenses are a wider clear distance, soft boundaries and large full-power near zone.

March 2010

Coppertone Lenses by Vision Ease

Sun exposure and glare happens all year long. However, many of us have found that our patients are more interested in talking about sunwear and polarized sunglasses during the spring and summer months. With Vision Ease's Coppertone Lenses, you can offer them polarized lenses with added protection against HEV light along with the AOA and Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Approval.

The Lens Dr. can provide you will the entire line of Coppertone Polarized Lenses. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or you would like to place an order.

December 2009

Task Specific Lens Options

We all know patients who work on a computer all day long. Have you ever put them in a specific lens to help them visually with this task? The Lens Dr. is so convinced of the benefits from a computer specific lens that we are willing to offer you a complete refund for 60 days after your order date, if your patient is not happy with them. All we need back from you is the original lenses with the patients name and we will credit your account.

Essilor Computer Polycarbonate Lens
  • Only available in Polycarb.
  • Has a wide intermediate area to help provide a full screen vision.
  • Has a smooth transition to a wide near area for looking at the keyboard or documents.
  • Available in add powers of 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, and 2.50. If the requested add power falls at .25 difference, we will convert it down to the next .50.
  • Recommended 30mm B-measurement with a 15mm seg. ht makes this lens work at it's best.
  • A card is included with more information about the lens.
  • Cost per pair is $63.00.
Carl Zeiss CR-39 Room Distance Lens
  • Available in CR-39 only
  • Ideal for computer users, doctors, dentists, musicians and anyone else having intermediate and near vision tasks where less frequent head movement would be helpful.
  • Recommended 25mm seg ht
  • Cost per pair is $42.30
Please note:
  • Neither the Essilor Computer Lens or Carl Zeiss Room Distance lens is suitable for driving and other distance specific tasks beyond about 10 ft.
  • An AR coating is recommended on these lenses.
New Trivex Lens Available

Essilor has introduced their Accolade Lens in Trivex material. This lense is available in clear only. As we get any further information, we will forward it to you. If you need a Trivex lens in Transitions, you still have the Younger Image lens or the Freedom ID lens to choose from.

Your cost on the Accolade Clear Trivex lens is $115.

November 2009

AO Compact 1.60
The 1.60 High Index AO Compact has been discontinued. The suggested replacement is the Sola Compact Ultra 1.67 (min. seg. ht of 13). The GT2 Short 1.67 (min. seg. ht of 14) would be another possible replacement.

Zeiss Brevity
We continue to receive orders for the Carl Zeiss Brevity lens which was discontinued in August. The suggested replacement lens for this is the GT2 (min. seg. ht. of 17). If you have a warranty remake on a Brevity lens, please specify what lens you would like used in the replacement.

August 2009

Carl Zeiss Brevity Lens Line
We have been informed that the Zeiss Brevity line of lenses has been discontinued. Zeiss is suggesting the GT2 Short (with a min. seg ht of 14mm) as a good substitute for the Brevity lens.

1.74 Index Lens
We can supply you with Single Vision Aspheric 1.74 lenses. All finished lenses have a factory AR on them. However, we can also get a semi-finished lens that has a factory scratch coat only on it for anyone that doesn't like AR. Blue Ice AR can be added to this lens for any Rx where a finished lens is not a good choice.

October, 2008

Revisions have been made to our Pricing Guide. However, we proudly state that this is not a price increase! In fact, a few prices have decreased. We have also included our premium AR Blue Ice and a few popular lenses on the guide. Please keep in mind that other products are available that are not listed. Should you not find something you are looking for, please give us a call and we can assist you.

May 2008

Drivewear Lens Update
Younger has expanded their Drivewear Lens line to include a D-28 lens. We have had requests for this Transition/Polarized lens and are now pleased we can provide it to you. Drivewear is now available in Single Vision, Flat Top 28 and Progressive Image.

Blue Ice AR
Now available to all our accounts is a hydrophobic anti-reflective coating with hard coat. We have tested Blue Ice for a couple of months to see if it had all the qualities we were looking for in the coating. We are pleased with the results. The quick turn around time is averaging about 2 - 3 days. Blue Ice is available at a cost of $45 and can be ordered thru The Lens Dr. The other AR coatings that we have been providing you with are still available. Please specify which AR coating you want and we will provide it to you.

Transitions Certificate of Authenticity Program
Information has been sent to all of our accounts on this Transitons incentive program. Please let us know if you are participating in the program so we can provide you with the Certificate of Authenticity with every order of Transition lenses you send us.

Progressive Identifier 2008
The 2008 Progressive Identifier provided by the OLA is now available. This is a tool that our lab uses often throughout the year. All of our accounts are currently being provided with a new version, compliments of The Lens Dr.

February 2008
Transitions VI

An introduction to the new Transition VI will begin this month.

The new Trans VI will replace most all Transition products.
Exceptions that we know of so far are:
  • Sola XL & Percepta
  • Younger Drivewear & Trilogy D-28 Trivex-these already have the new technology.
  • Some Xcel products
  • Most Mid-Index products
Essilor's product launch will occur in 3 phases as follows:
Feb 1 - Phase 1 -
  • all single vision CR-39 & Polycarbonate (excluding high index)
  • D-28
  • 7X28
  • Ovation Progressive (1.50 index & polycarbonate)
March 15 - Phase 2 -
  • Natural Progressive (1.50 index & polycarbonate)
  • Adaptors Progressive (1.50 index & polycarbonate)
TBA - Phase 3 -
  • Single Vision (1.60 & 1.67 index)
  • Ovation Progressive (1.67 index)
  • Natural Progressive (1.67 index)

Transitions will be introducing this new version beginning Feb. 1st. Transitions VI lenses are able to change faster than previous versions along with being improved to turn darker in warmer temperatures. Please keep these changes in mind when placing orders for a single lens. We will continue to try and order the previous Transition version for a one lens order as long as the vendor has stock, but keep in mind that the vendors have been depleting their inventory for some time now and we may not be able to get old Transition lenses. A pair of new lenses may be necessary for your patients to be satisfied.

As we receive more information on the new Transitions VI, we will forward it to you. And as always, please call if you have any questions or concerns that we can help you with.