Each of our opticians is an experienced eye care professional, devoted to each order. This specialized attention ensures that each order is correct and of the highest quality standards. We are a lab that cares about you and your patients, with over 160 years of experience fabricating lenses, including special orders.

More reasons to choose
The Lens Dr.:

  • STATE-OF-THE-ART PROCEDURES – Our advanced equipment speeds processing and ensures that the precision quality of our lens finishing, lens surfacing, lens coating, and drill mounting is second to none.
  • SPECIALTY LENSES– Count on us for Progressives, Transitions, UV sunwear, ultra thin lenses, slab-off lenses, wrap sunglasses, and aphakic lenses.
  • LENS MATERIAL – It’s your choice. We will produce lenses from any material you request, including glass and Trivex on site.
  • FRAME REPAIR – Accidents happen. Screws become loose and frames get bent. It takes a keen eye and a steady hand to repair frames, and you will find both at The Lens Dr. We accept virtually any repair job, allowing you to look good in the eyes of your patients.
  • TINTING –We have an expert “eye” for tint. Send us a sample and we can match it very close. Should you need an exact match, we have a Spectrophotometer that can tell us the wave length of your sample. Just let us know that you want this additional matching service.